“April showers bring May flowers…” After a pretty brutal winter for most of the United States, and many places still dealing with multiple feet of snow, Spring has officially arrived. And with it comes the long-awaited end of winter, with increased daylight, warmer weather, melting snow, and new plant growth. Flowers and plants begin to bloom and trees gain back their leaves, bringing greenery and new life to the earth.

And after being cooped up inside all winter, there is no better way to enjoy Spring than getting outside and photographing the world around you! From trees and florals to landscapes and wildlife, there are endless things to capture.

At KelbyOne, we just welcomed our newest instructor, Melanie Kern-Favilla who is a pro at capturing breathtaking floral images. While her full-time job is as a locomotive engineer who is employed by the Long Island Railroad, she began shooting flower images in her garden, eventually transitioning to in-studio floral photography. Along with severe weather photography and floral images, she enjoys shooting snowflakes, water drops, and anything macro-related.

Melanie is able to capture the structure, color, and intricacies of flowers that are simply spectacular. In her debut class, she shares her secrets for creating stunning and dramatic still life photographs using natural light. You’ll be able to recognize qualities of light, what gear is needed, how to create your own props and light modifiers, and how to choose the right flowers for your subjects. While Melanie works with flowers, she’ll teach you how to apply all of these techniques to any still life subject you choose. As an added bonus, make sure to check out the bonus lesson on macro snowflake photography (for those of you that still have some snow on the ground)!

Sign up for as little as $9.99/mo. to access Melanie’s class on Breathtaking Floral Photography and a variety of other courses on macro and landscape photography from our library. You’ll learn everything you need to be able to capture all that Spring has to offer!