To Tweet or Not To Tweet?

Twitter apps and helpful sites

There are a gazillion of Twitter-related apps and sites out there. Here are just a few I use most often.

TwitPic – Upload pictures from your cell phone or computer to Twitter

TweetDeck – The BEST application for using Twitter effectively (IMHO)

LessFriends – Find out who is (and isn’t) following you back.

TwitterSearch (formerly “Summize”) – A search function of the entire Twitter timeline.

#Hashtags – The origin of and authority on #Hashtags. – A site where you can “register” hashtags.

Ping.FM – A site that allows you to post updates to multiple SocNets at once

FriendFeed – A site that tracks all your SocNet, SocMed, and blogging activity.

Qwitter – A site that notifies you when someone UNfollows you on Twitter along with the last Tweet you posted… which may or may not have caused the UNFollowing. Just don’t take it personally!

TwitterFeed – Allows you to automatically Tweet your Blog posts.

TwitterKeys – A web tool in that makes it easy to copy and paste special characters into your Tweets.

TwitterFox – A FireFox plug-in that puts the Twitter API into the bottom of your browser for quick n’ easy Tweeting.

TwitterCounter – A site that tracks your follower growth over time and predicts your future growth.

Twellow – Twitter Yellow Pages

WeFollow – Like Twellow but much simpler. Simply pick three Hashtagged categories. (ie: @LayersMagazine is registered on WeFollow under #creative, #design, and #Adobe)

TweetStats – A site that tracks the frequency of your Tweets among other cool things.

TwitterGrader – A site that scans your Twitter profile and gives you a grade based on many different analytical factors.

FileSocial – Cool! A way to share files on Twitter!


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