Showcasing the Design Work of Our Readers

Would you like to gain exposure by having your work featured in an international design magazine?
 Of course you would!

The staff at Layers magazine appreciates the time and effort involved in the creative process, no matter how large or small the project. With this in mind, we offer you the opportunity to display your work within the pages of Layers.

Please submit your print, Web, or packaging design (in PDF, JPEG, or EPS format) to for consideration. Be sure to include the name of the piece, client name (if applicable), the applications you used, and a Web address where our readers can view more of your work. What are you waiting for? Submit your best work for consideration today!

In the meantime, here are some pieces that we’ve published in past issues of Layers magazine for your enjoyment.

From the May/June 2009 Issue:


Designs: Walking Brace & Wrist Brace Illustrations ] [ Client: Aircast ] [ Designer: Bill Yermal ] [ Software: Adobe Illustrator CS2 and Adobe Photoshop CS2 ] [

Design: Children’s Book Designs: Mother & Baby Otter and Mother & Baby Giraffe from My Mother Is My Friend ] [ Client: Kimberly P. Johnson, Author/Keynote Speaker ] [ Designer: Zoe Ranucci ] [ Software: Adobe Illustrator CS3 ] [

Design: Spaceship T-Shirt Design ] [ Client: Owl City ] [ Designer: Conor Keller ] [ Software: Adobe Photoshop CS4 ] [

Design: Mad Riddle T-Shirt Design ] [ Client: Of Literature/Messhead Clothing ] [ Designer: Conor Keller ] [ Software: Adobe Photoshop CS4 ] [

Design: Koinonia ] [ Client: Personal Work ] [ Designer: Brandon Weaver ] [ Software: Adobe Photoshop CS3 ] [


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