Website optimization for the Mac

Site Soap 1.2 is a nifty utility for optimizing entire websites. This Mac OS X Tiger program quickly optimizes code, stylesheets, and images, resulting in smaller files.

The easy-to-use interface allows you to choose optimizing options from one of two categories: Simple and Advanced. The Simple category contains options for making your images smaller and your code compliant. For example, if your site contains HTML pages created in Microsoft Office, the Strip Word Code option removes the extra markup code Office so notoriously adds. The Advanced category allows you to customize how Site Soap optimizes your site. It contains three groups: Page, Style, and Image. Page and Style contain options for cleaning up and formatting HTML code and stylesheets. Image contains options for compressing images and even converting GIF and JPEG files to grayscale. You can even create and save your own Option Sets with only the procedures you want.

Site Soap is surprisingly fast, even when converting images to grayscale. If you’re thinking, “I can just use Photoshop or Fireworks batch processing to optimize images,” you’re right. However, Site Soap can be launched, and both image and HTML files added to the optimize list, before either of the other applications can launch. Don’t get me wrong, both of these products are great but because Site Soap is designed only to optimize files, it’s a much smaller application that launches quickly.

If the unthinkable happens and your webpages become corrupted during optimization, Site Soap automatically backs up your original files. You can specify where the backup is saved in the Preferences.

I found Site Soap useful for optimizing sites I’ve inherited from clients. In a test using one such site, Site Soap showed a savings of 374.5 KB.

PRICE: $12.95
FOR: Mac
FROM: Talacia Software