SimpleDrive Deluxe 400GB External Hard Drive

SimpleDrive Deluxe 400GB USB 2.0/FireWire External Hard Drive

It’s something everyone knows that they should do and, even though many more people are backing up their data, not enough people have a backup solution. SimpleTech really steps up with an extremely—uh, “simple” way to get the job done. This unit is smaller than other brands tested, comes with a security slot, and connects via USB 2.0/1.1 or FireWire 400.

The SimpleDrive Deluxe is really compact for a 400-GB storage solution. In fact, it’s nearly half the size of several of its competitors’ devices in similar configurations. Add to that the ability to have the unit placed either vertically or horizontally with the small “feet” included in the package and you have a product that takes up very little of your workspace. Ironic given how much storage you get from the device.

The SimpleDrive Deluxe sports a 7,200-RPM HDD drive and 8-MB buffer for really quick performance. Transfers peak at 35 MB/sec; however, FireWire 800 would have helped for those really large multimedia files given the storage capacity of this model. That said, there are quite a few choices out there and it really came down to reliability—SimpleTech delivered. Using three different backup solutions, the SimpleDrive Deluxe was error-free in each 80-GB, 25-GB and 500-MB file tested. Further, StorageSync “one-button” software is included for automatic scheduled data backup for a worry-free method with your desktop or portable computer.

Reliability, performance, full-featured and stand-up styling bring SimpleTech to broader and, if you will, more complex situations for end-users who may still be looking for the right external drive. This is it.

PRICE: $399.99
FOR: Mac and Windows
FROM: SimpleTech
PHONE: 800-367-7330