MagneticTime Announces MT1 that allows iPod users to listen to emails and other documents

Listen to your emails and Word Docs on iPods, Cellphones, PDAs & PCs wherever you go. MagneticTime (, the innovative mobile audio company, announced today MT1 software for iPod , PC, PDA and cellphone, which lets you listen to your emails and Word documents in MP3 format while traveling, commuting or even exercising. Perfect for busy business executives, gadgeteers and students, MagneticTime’s MT1 allows you to listen to your Outlook, Outlook Express & Word documents like ‘songs,’ since they are automatically converted to MP3 files on your iPod , cellphone, PDA or PC. MT1’s audio files are designed to take advantage of the standard functions of any MP3 player, so emails and documents can be played, paused, stopped, skipped back & forward, and filed in Playlists, etc. Read more