Sigma 150-500mm f/5-6.3 APO DG OS HSM

Quality, Ultra-Telephoto, Full-Frame Lens

Sigma continues to innovate with their 150-500mm f/5-6.3 APO DG OS HSM ultra-telephoto lens. While designed for full-frame sensors, it's equally at home when used with smaller APS-C sensors. That's a lot of flexibility for one lens.

This is a lens that's not only affordable, but ideal for subject matter as diverse as nature, wildlife, sports, and portraiture where compression trumps wider apertures. Welcome amenities such as optical stabilization (OS), typically reserved for costlier glass, help compensate for camera shake and make it possible to shoot handheld, even in low-light scenarios. This is a critical feature that provides a lot of extra usability for a slower f/5-6.3 lens.

If you're looking for superlong shots without the hefty price tag, simply add the optional Sigma 1.4x Teleconverter EX DG ($249) and use this lens as a 210-700mm f/7-9 manual-focus, ultra-telephoto zoom lens; or add the 2.0x Teleconverter EX APO DG ($299) and use it as a 300-1000mm f/10-13 manual-focus, ultra-telephoto zoom lens.

True to its reputation, Sigma delivers the goods when it comes to optical quality, as well. Features like improved DG lens design that correct for various aberrations; specially formulated multicoated glass for the best color balance possible with reduced ghosting; and the high level of performance we've come to expect from Sigma throughout its entire zoom range all make this lens a great value and a worthwhile investment.

Company: Sigma Corporation of America
Price: $1,069
Rating: 4
Hot: Wide focal length latitude; optical stabilization; reasonably priced
Not: Not the best choice for consistent low-light work