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Shattering Glass with Adobe After Effects

Using After Effects’ Shatter Effect to simulate a baseball going through a glass pane.


  • expands says:

    nice tut.thank you

  • J. Schuh says:


    Keep checking back. There are more cool tutorials coming down the pipe you won’t want to miss!


  • Linda says:

    Fascinating! I am not a techie on this stuff and it’s intriguing. Thanks for sharing! Nice job!

  • Mark says:

    Great stuff.

  • Tim OC says:

    love these tutorials but they are too small to really see what you are doing….and there doesn’t seem to be any way to make it larger. I’m a newbie and I spend a lot of time going back and forth.
    …any help in that area ?

  • Rio says:

    Great tutorial J! Now I have no reason to smash real glass to produce the same effect. Haha!

  • J. Schuh says:

    Hey folks! Thanks for the great feedback.

    Hey Tim, I had a real debate on that tutorial, if I zoomed in to the dialogue boxes people wouldn’t be able to see what was happening on screen.

    If I did both, it would have made the tutorial a constant zoom in, zoom out that could get distracting after awhile plus to do it right I would have had to pause inbetween the zooms and it would have doubled the length of the tutorial.

    In future tutorials I will try and find a nice balance if I can so it is easier to read what I am typing in.

    Thanks again for continuing to watch the tutorials and for your most excellent feedback.


  • Josh says:

    J, the solution here isn’t necessarily to zoom in on the screen, but instead offer a large version of the video (as in full size).

    Flash is, in general, a pretty bad medium for delivering high-quality video, so I’d suggest offering the ability to download a .mov version. That, or a link to a large version of the flash video player that plays a larger high-quality video.

  • J. Schuh says:

    Hey Josh,

    That is actually a standard that powers higher than myself have control over. I just submit my tutorials and then they are formatted for the website. I do know they have their reasons for the decisions they have made on that front.

    Thanks again for your feedback!


  • Sineh says:

    nice tutorial!! do you think you can make your tutorials a bit bigger? like or ??? that would be awesome! thanks

  • Alfred says:

    Great tutorial! I was just wondering where do you get the 3D image of the shattered glass?

  • Paul Panzarella says:

    J. This site ROCKS! It will make my concept music videos so much better.Order the trial
    magazine and without a doubt will get the
    one year subscription.Told the guys in electronic pre press about this site.


  • TWO炮 says:

    Great stuff

  • Kingston Axel says:

    How can I watch it in full screen?

  • Mohak says:

    Thank you very much

  • Omar Niaz says:

    Great Tutorial indeed, simple yet very powerful!!!

  • ken says:

    how can i have the shatter image of a glass?

  • andy darcy says:

    how do you re-time the shatter plugin
    im finding a problem trying to get it to last more than a few seconds 🙁

  • saradhi says:

    i want some notes

  • DJ says:

    Is there a way to make the glass just slowly crack up and not really shatter? Like to have it crackle, and then a couple peices of broken glass just easily fall out on to the floor. How can that be done?

  • Greg says:

    Very Impressive!!!!!!!!! 4 thumbs up including my two big toes.

  • Brecheisen says:

    Great Tutorial, but when the ball goes through the class in a perfect straight line, and at the speed it is going, wouldn’t the glass shoot out more before falling down? How can we create that? Thanks!

  • jhh says:

    very very nice

  • Artur says:

    Cool tutor. Thanks 😉

  • Beau Chevassus says:

    Good tutorial, but need a british accent. All tuts these days are done by Brits. (HAHAHA!) Minus AK of course…

  • Ali hussaini says:

    I like this very much

  • almuth says:

    Hi everybody with size problems…. 🙂 maybe this will help:
    press command (PC control) &
    + (size up)
    – (size down)
    0 (back to original)…

    Great tut! thank you so much for this site!

  • pangi says:

    gon part

  • MaIcOn LiMa says:

    Muito Bom Mesmo :]

  • Borrys Hasian says:

    nice!!! Thank you for the tutorial…

  • Borrys Hasian says:

    Just one comment : the rotation of the ball, i think it should be ccw, not cw…

  • Tate says:

    Borrys Hasian is correct. To correct this, you can change the rotation to -1x instead of 1x. That will give it the correct backspin of a typical thrown baseball.

  • is here used any brush on photoshop? if it used any tools (Like: brush, plugin etc..) then please inform me.
    i want to create this thanks for tutorial.