Remembering Leonard Nimoy, the Photographer

Last week we all bid farewell to one of the most iconic actors (artists) of our time, Leonard Nimoy, also known as Mr. Spock for nearly 50 years. What some didn’t know about Leonard’s career is that he was a stand out photographer, director, writer, and vocal artist. Below is a short interview with Leonard by Pharrell Williams about his photographic and acting career.

Picking up photography as a childhood hobby, Leonard later went to UCLA in the 1970s to learn the fundamentals of Photography and really push his photographic career forward.
See Leonard’s work here. (Note, some images in this gallery are tasteful nudes)

With a ridiculously awesome artistic career spanning over 60 years, Mr. Leonard Nimoy made a huge impact on our world for the better. His photographic legacy lives on in galleries around nation (read more about where they are here) and his vulcan phrase “Live long and prosper” will always be remembered.

Some of this content comes from our friends over at PetaPixel. Check out the full article by Michael Zhang with multiple video interviews and more examples of Leonards work here.