Red Giant Software Unveils Magic Bullet Looks

Red Giant Software has released Magic Bullet Looks, its highly anticipated and revolutionary color correction tool. Looks’ powerful tools can be used on-set or in the edit suite to subtly adjust tone, color and focus to simulate the appearance of classic films or duplicate specific production conditions. Users can choose from more than a hundred Look presets, all neatly organized into 10 categories, to help set the mood for anything from a wedding video to the next Sundance original.

Magic Bullet Looks includes Magic Bullet LooksBuilder, a stand-alone application to pre-visualize looks anywhere. LooksBuilder’s intuitive interface models the way light moves through a camera with simulated filters, lenses and film stocks that can be adjusted on the fly. Look presets are portable and load into any of the supported editing hosts, so the same Looks created on set are the ones used to finish in the editorial suite. Hundreds of look options are available with one click right in your editor, without having to go to a separate finishing system.

“When you shoot on location, you’re often stuck with what nature gives you. Often the lighting is poor and you have to make do. Magic Bullet Looks lets me re-light my shots and make my talent look great all with a few simple clicks.” said Eric Escobar, filmmaker at Kontent Films in San Francisco.
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What’s New?

• A brand-new interface for creating and customizing looks easier and more intuitively
• More than 100 Look presets that offer popular looks like Crime Scene, Blue Bleach, or Subtle Film
• 36 powerful new tools expand upon the 10 simple functions of Magic Bullet Editors’ Look Suite

Pricing and Availability

Magic Bullet Looks is the next generation of look tools for Magic Bullet Editors and Magic Bullet Suite, customers and includes:
• A plug-in for Adobe After Effects, Final Cut Pro, Avid, Adobe Premiere Pro, & Motion
• A stand-alone LooksBuilder application that runs on laptops for Looks generation anywhere
• Magic Bullet Misfire adds film damage such as dust and scratches to artificially age a film

Magic Bullet Looks is available for $399 USD. Existing Magic Bullet Editors or Magic Bullet Suite customers may upgrade to Magic Bullet Looks for $99 USD.

Customers who purchased Magic Bullet Editors or Magic Bullet Suite on or after April 11, 2007 are entitled to a free upgrade and should complete this form:

About Red Giant Software
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