A Quick Video Tutorial with Pete Collins: Clipping a Layer

Here is a really quick tutorial about how clipping a layer to another can help you to adjust one section of the image and not the entire file. Just simply holding your Alt/Opt key while clicking between the two layers will clip the top layer to the bottom and only effect the pixels down below. In this example I use an illustration, but you can use this technique with any photo as well.

For more video tutorials, hop over to PlanetPhotoshop for this tutorial on how to Create a Double-Exposure Effect in Photoshop. Daniel uses the HBO series True Detective as the inspiration for this double-exposure technique. He will show you how to create this effect using adjustment layers and clipping masks. If you have a specific question on just one tool in the Creative Cloud, check out our simple, easy-to-follow classes designed to help you master the newest innovations from Adobe. The best part is, this online resource is available to you 24/7 and is completely free to use. Click here “Resource Center” and choose your topic!