When I uncovered this new tip, I mentioned it to my wife who uses InDesign on a PC at work. She said, “You didn’t know that?” It was a sure sign that the amazing new tip that I stumbled upon wasn’t a tip at all. But after consulting with a lot of users, I realized that not all that many people know this interesting tidbit.

Whenever you save a document (File > Save As) or Export a document (File > Export) and you want to use the name of some existing document, simply click on that name in the window that opens and the name is picked up as the name to be Saved or Exported. You can even pick up the name of a document in some other format and then select the correct Format in the Format area of the window. With some of the long names of my documents, this is a sure way of naming files exactly the way I want. Oh, and it isn’t just an InDesign tip, it works in every application that I tried.

Tip provided by Jeff Witchel, Certified Adobe® Training Provider.