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Photoshop CS6 Patch Tool

The Patch tool is great for removing unwanted elements from your images. Lesa Snider goes over the uses and features of Photoshop’s patch tool, including the new features in CS6 like content aware and adaptation settings.


  • Charles says:

    Really enjoyed Lesa’s presentation. I am relatively new to Photoshop and she does not fly through lots of complex set ups that tend to quickly overwhelm those of us who are not experts. I learned a lot that I can use from this tutorial.

  • Waleed Ahmad says:

    thanks……….good tutorials

  • Russ Putnam says:

    Lesa shows each specific step i.e.. where to find the tool, how to set it properly etc.Went to her class at Photoshop
    World in Las Vegas. Learned a ton in a way that I can remember it days or weeks later. I finally moved from Elements to Photoshop CS6 because I realized her instructions would enable me to use it properly.

  • Bill Keiter says:

    Lesa knows the secret to teaching well, repetition without obvious repetition.