PACA Releases Free PowerPoint on Copyright Education

The Picture Archive Council of America (PACA) has placed on its web-site, a valuable resource to any creator or user of photography – a PowerPoint presentation that provides a thorough review of copyright law in the United States and how it applies to the use of imagery in advertising, the news media and fine art. The presentation includes real-world cases with images and detailed explanations of how the parties viewed the claimed infringements and how the courts assessed them.

The slides examine what copyright protects and for how long, and illustrate topics such as fair use, what is an infringement and what is not, and explains how the Digital Millennium Copyright Act can be used to remove infringing works from the Internet. Nancy Wolff, PACA’s legal counsel and an expert on copyright law, created the presentation using laymen’s language that it can be clearly understood and used by non-lawyers. Wolff included detailed slide notes to make it easy for anyone to present to a design class, an ad agency or any other interested organization.

PACA encourages educational institutions, ad-agencies, and any organization or individual involved with the use or creation of images to download the presentation. It can be found on PACA’s web-site at

About PACA
The Picture Archive Council of America is the trade organization in North America that represents the vital interests of stock archives and others who license images for commercial reproduction. Founded in 1951, our membership includes over 100 companies in North America and over 50 International Affiliate Members. PACA’s Mission Statement is "to foster and protect the interests of the picture archive community through advocacy, education and communication." Accordingly, we work to develop useful business standards and promote ethical business practices; actively advocate copyright protection; collect and disseminate timely information; and take an active role in the picture community by building relationships with organizations from related industries.