I’m designing a catalog that will have the client’s logo centered in a dark blue Frame at the bottom of quite a few pages. Is there a way to Place the logo so that it will automatically fit centered within the Frame as large as possible while maintaining its proportion with at least a ¼” inset from the edge? That’s a mouthful of specifications, but InDesign CS3 has a fitting answer.

Select the dark blue Frame and go to Object > Fitting > Fitting Options. When the dialog opens, in the Crop Amount section, type -.25 in for Top and click the Link button to set up an equal “inset” (instead of a crop) all the way around the Frame. For Alignment, press the Center Reference Point so that the logo is placed from its center out. In the Fitting on Empty Frame section, choose Fit Content Proportionately and click OK. To use this “style” of Fitting again and again, select the Frame and save it as part of an Object Style under the Option menu of the Object Styles panel (Window > Object Styles).

Tip provided by Jeff Witchel, Certified Adobe® Training Provider.