New Pages Panel Preview Reveals All

I’ve always used the Pages palette in earlier versions of InDesign to quickly move around my document by double-clicking on pages in the palette. Problem was, in long documents, I could not always remember the page number of what I was looking for. Sometimes it was a real shot in the dark, and I would end up double-clicking on several pages until I landed on the right one. Well, this navigation problem has been solved in the new Pages panel in CS3. Every page in the panel has a preview of what is contained on that page. Very cool, and useful for moving quickly throughout a document with total confidence. But now it’s also easier to move through the page icons within the panel. If you place your cursor off to the side of the page icons in the panel, it turns into a hand icon, which allows you to click-drag up and down to scroll through the pages in the panel.

Tip provided by Jeff Witchel, Certified Adobe® Training Provider.