Mylio Now Available at Photo Plus Expo


Hey everyone – RC here at Photo Plus East in New York City!  Wanted to share with you the most recent announcement coming out of the show – the anticipated release of Mylio – a photo management software that will safeguard your images on your phone, computer, or tablet device – in the cloud or not.


At KelbyOne we’ve been blessed to be able to work with the team at Mylio to take a look at the features of the program and kick the tires on it for a while.  I figured this would be a good time for a quick rundown of what Mylio can do for you.

Sync Your Images Across Your Devices


There is an incredible amount of photography that is done on mobile devices these days.  From table to phone, you have all of these places where you are making pictures . While that’s really great – it causes a problem when you are looking for a specific image.  Did you use your tablet? Your Phone? Did you take it with your camera and import it into your computer?  Tracking that picture down can be a bit of a mess.  Making sure that this picture is with you, no matter what device you’re using is even more so.


Mylio is a tool that’s built for this kind of space. Install it on your phone, tablet, or computer.  Once that’s done – add the images from each of the devices.  From there, Mylio will keep all of these devices in sync – sharing the pictures across each of them and making sure you have access to all of them.

What I thought was really cool about this was that Mylio is built to do this whether you want to use a cloud feature or not.  In an era where people are increasingly concerned about their cloud pictures being hacked (hello…  iCloud sharing naked celebrity shots… I couldn’t even imagine… I mean.. not that i have anything like that.. ) there are groups of people that would rather own where these pictures are stored.  If you avoid the cloud, how can you ensure that you have access to all of these shots?  Mylio connects across each of your registered devices without having to use the cloud if you dont want to.  The results?  All of the shots.. none of the cloud.  If you want to add the cloud as an option you totally can.  Big points there..

A Built In Editor


While its good to be able to have all of your images across your devices, It doesn’t hurt to also have a built in editor for those images. Mylio lets you apply Camera Raw-Esque kinds of changes to your images from an editor. You can even copy and paste these edits to other images as you need them.

Plays Well With Other Platforms


Mylio is also great about working with images that you already have on other platforms.  From Lightroom to FlickrFacebook and everyone in between , importing the images into Mylio is pretty easy.  This gives you a one stop shop for watching and sharing all of your pictures.

Your Photographic Story


One of the things that I have enjoyed the most of having all of these pictures in one spot is the reconnecting with pictures I didn’t know I had.  Being able to move over the years and look at images that I’ve taken but had forgotten about made it really cool to start playing with the software more.

Mylio has three different versions that you can do: Trial, Standard and Advanced – with the Trial one being a free its a great way for you to give it a test drive and see what it’s all about.