modo 302modo 302 from Luxology is an amazing 3D program that honestly, until this review, had me very skeptical about its capabilities and position in the world of 3D. But after spending some time with it, I have no doubt that it’s a pro-level 3D modeling solution.

I was up and running with the software in about an hour with the help of the tutorials available in the program. The tools were clear and I was able to import models that I already created in other programs without any problem. modo also allows you to export your model to many of the top programs.

Although I use a few of the more expensive programs, I was pleasantly surprised with the number of features available in modo 302. These include 3D modeling, painting, rendering, and animation tools for artists who want to create 3D images without having to resort to other software. It supports polygonal and subdivision surface modeling and has impressive rendering capabilities along with an awesome Sculpting tool. Features new to this version are pretty impressive as well. The addition of PSD support, Physical Sun and Physical Sky (which provide more realistic outdoor scenes), and a new Flex tool are only a few of the cool new features available.

I’d recommend this program to anyone who wants a very capable 3D content-creation program that has a very powerful set of tools.—Bruce Bicknell

PRICE: $895 (Free upgrade from Modo 301)
FROM: Luxology LLC
WEB: www.luxology.com

HOT Polygon and subdivision surface support
NOT No rigging controls for character animation