Magic Bullet Mojo 1.1


Color correction in film and video in any ideal situation should be left to those who have spent years training their eyes to finesse each scene to the perfect combination. Yet, in all reality these days, that’s not going to happen for most of us.

Thankfully, Red Giant Software’s Magic Bullet Looks came along and packaged the color process in one intuitive package as a plug-in and standalone application. Magic Bullet Looks brought us more than 100 presets and the ability to customize our own combinations. As beautiful as this product is, it can be intimidating and a bit pricey for some.

This is where Magic Bullet Mojo 1.1 comes in. If you feel that Magic Bullet Looks still wasn’t fast enough or simple enough, then this $99 plug-in from Red Giant Software is a no-brainer. Now, Magic Bullet Mojo is more of a tweaking plug-in than a full-fledged, color-correction plug-in; however, if you pay attention to most movies that have come out in recent years and their color palettes, you’ll soon find that there are actually only a handful of differences as far as color correction goes. Warm skin tones and cooler hues in the shadows? All you have to do is move two sliders and you’re done. How’s that for trimmed down?

So, if you’re looking for a quick-fix finisher tool to help your colors stand out from the rest, be sure to check out Magic Bullet Mojo from Red Giant Software.—Jason Scrivner

Company: Red Giant Software LLC
Price: $99
Rating: 5
Hot: Affordable; easy to use; color palettes