Hollywood Lighting in the Palm of Your Hand

The Lowel GL-1 Power LED takes the torch-light concept to new heights. Designed in collaboration with wedding photographers Brian Marcus and John Solano, the GL-1 is sure to be a hit with those working in fast-paced, high-ISO environments. Focusable and dimmable (5-100% with no color shift), the GL-1 is a powerful, tungsten-balanced LED.

The fresnel lens at the front of the GL-1 light, combined with its telescoping design, lets the user control the beam's diameter and the light quality. By simply sliding the position of the lens barrel, light can be varied from a tight spot to a wide flood, or anything in between. The beam is very even from edge to edge, with no hot spots.

Features include an 82mm filter thread so that you can mount the Tiffen 8280B Daylight Correction and other filters to the GL-1. Two dimming options keep things flexible, providing on-the-fly creative control from the trigger, or you can lock the trigger to the On position and adjust output level as desired—perfect for longer use. The GL-1 Power LED has a 1/4-20 mount at its base, which makes it easy to mount on a tripod or light stand, where it can throw a beam of light up to an impressive 20′.

Hot-swappable batteries provide full power use for 1 hour and they can be recharged in approximately 4-5 hours. Optional Lowel G1-15 spare batteries are available.

The price may seem steep at first; however, compared to flagship model flashes, it's right in line. The prospect of having a lightweight, compact, battery-operated, constant light source like the Lowel GL-1 Power LED is inviting.

Company: Lowel Light Inc.
Price: $699.95
Web: www.lowel.com/GL
Rating: 5
Hot: High ISO performance; focusable; dramatic or soft light