On Location: Sports Photography Track and Field

Step Six

Sports Photography Track and Field
For my final shot I used three Quadras. Two
heads were used one stop overexposed to add highlights to Annelise’s hair and sides, and the main softbox light added fill to her face. A Skyport was triggering the lights. This was the exact lighting setup I used for the image in my book. But something was still missing. She wasn’t sweating! To add some authenticity to the shot, Annelise did some laps around the track. She still didn’t look sweaty enough after a few laps, but I had another idea: the self-spray-bottle-via-drinking-fountain technique. I asked Annelise to go to the drinking fountain, and sprinkle water all over herself to add “sweat.” Watching a 6′ Nordic blonde bathe in a drinkingfountain at the college track was like a scene out of a Victoria’s Secret commercial. Every guy on the track stopped in his tracks to watch the spectacle. And I got my shot! 

Sports Photography Track and Field

Sports Photography Track and Field

Tom Bol


Sports Photography is a great field with tons of resource. Scott Kelby has an e-book available on the topic. Here’s a Photoshop free video tutorial from Corey Barker showing you how to mimic the Nike ad.


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