On Location: Sports Photography Track and Field

Step Five

Sports Photography Track and Field

For the third and final light I’d use in this image, I put another Quadra behind and to the right of Annelise. This light added some sparkle to her hair on the right side of the shot. To target this light precisely, I put the grid reflector on the Quadra and placed a 30° grid on the light. The grid would allow me to aim the light where I need it, and where I don’t want it. Since I wasn’t including ground in the image, I only had to watch the shadows on my model. This light was set to 200 W and placed only a few feet away from Annelise. At this point I could see blue sky coming, so I needed to work fast. I didn’t want to readjust the lighting output I had just established under cloudy skies. One minute you hate the rain; the next minute you hate blue sky. Picky, picky photographer.

Sports Photography Track and Field

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