On Location Photography: Planning Your Post Processing

Step Two

After running around the skate park looking for locations that weren’t covered in snow, I decided to use a stair feature. This would be easier to set up, and we could get the shot in before the storm hit. Chris is an “edgy” guy: I’ve shot hundreds of images of him, so I knew he looked good in hard-edged light. I didn’t want to use a softbox for my main light; I needed something with a little more edge, and a beauty dish was the perfect choice. Light from a beauty dish has an edge to it, but not as harsh as a standard reflector. The 27″ silver dish would cast a nice light on Chris, which I needed for my postprocessing. I decided to use Elinchrom Rangers for the shoot. Durable enough for a snowstorm, the Rangers would recycle fast for a maximum amount of frames, and I had wireless control with the Skyport transmitters. 

on location photography post processing

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