On Location Photography: Planning Your Post Processing

Step Three

The moment I got the dish attached to the light stand, the wind started to blow it over. My beauty dish already looks like it was used for tackle practice at a football game, so I was hoping to avoid more dents. One trick I’ve learned over the years is to use my Rangers as sandbags on my light stand. The packs weigh around 17 lbs, enough weight to keep stands in place with moderate wind. I girth-hitched a climber’s sling around the bottom shaft of the stand, and used a carabiner to attach the pack to the stand. I used a gold reflector in the beauty dish to warm up the light, similar to using a half CTO gel on a flash head. Now I was ready to shoot
a test image and see how
things looked.

Parker, Colorado.  skatepark shoot. Parker, Colorado.  skatepark shoot. on location photography post processing

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