On Location Photography: Planning Your Post Processing

Step Four

Before I added flash to the image, I determined my daylight exposure for the background. I worked in manual mode, and found an exposure of ISO 100, 1/160 at f/14 was the right choice. Then I fired off my flash at half power to see how things looked. I don’t use a flash meter; I use my camera LCD to determine exposure. On many of my subjects, such as kayakers in rapids, it’s impossible to use a flash meter. The beauty dish was providing the right quality of light, but at an angle too far to the side of Chris. Because beauty-dish light is hard edged, I wasn’t getting much wraparound effect on Chris’s face. I moved the light more in front of him to skim some light on the other side of his nose. The beauty dish light was looking nice, all I needed was more separation from the background. 

Parker, Colorado.  skatepark shoot. on location photography post processing

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