Live Type with Multiple Strokes? Sure, Why not?

A while back, I wrote a tip about applying multiple Strokes to an object. As a reminder, here it is. Select an object and open your Appearance palette (Window menu > Appearance). Add a Color to the Fill of the selected object and the color will show up next to Fill in the Appearance palette. Now, click on the Stroke listing in the palette and add a different color from the Swatches palette. With the Stroke listing in the Appearance palette still highlighted, click on the “Duplicate Selected Item Button” at the bottom of the palette (Page icon). You now will have two Stroke listings. Select the bottom Stroke and increase its point size and change its color so it is visible. You can repeat this procedure to add even more Strokes.

When you have all the Strokes added, open the Graphic Styles palette (Window > Graphic Styles) and under the Options flyout menu, select New Graphic Style, name it and click OK to add your Multi-Stroke Style to the list. Now select a few words of large text with your Selection tool, and apply your Multi-Stroke Style. It works beautifully with a Graphic Style! But I’ve found no other way to create Live Type with multiple Strokes.

Tip provided by Jeff Witchel, Certified Adobe® Training Provider.