Apply a Paragraph Style to All Text In a Frame

You’re working on the back cover of a brochure, setting up the legal copy at the bottom of the page. The client wants the legal all in one line across the page from margin to margin. The copy contains a copyright part, a registered trademark part and a code number. Each of these parts has to have an equal amount of space between the three groupings of words with the copyright flush left, the code number flush right and the registered trademark information centered in the remaining space. You could use Tabs but there is a faster, smarter way. Why smarter? If you use Tabs, Murphy’s Law is sure to come into play. You will need to make a change and have to adjust your Tabs.

So try the following instead. Select the legal copy and change the Alignment in the Paragraph palette to Justify All Lines. This will space out all the words equally from margin to margin. Next, select the space between the first and second parts of the legal copy and change it to a Flush Space (Type > Insert White Space > Flush Space). Justification will ignore all the “normal” spaces in the rest of the line, putting all “extra” space where the Flush Space was inserted. Add another Flush space between the second and third parts of your legal. This breaks up the legal copy into three parts with an equal amount of space between each part. The best part is, if you change the copy or the width of the Text Frame, the spacing between the parts of the copy will adjust automatically, always leaving an equal amount of space between the groups of words.

Tip provided by Jeff Witchel, Certified Adobe® Training Provider.