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Live Corners in Illustrator CC

This new option allows users to change the corners of an object by first selecting it with the direct selection tool and then using Illustrator’s new corner options. Tool settings include radius, corner type, and rounding. It is also possible to just select and adjust one corner.


  • billy says:

    good day/evening Mr. Witchel. could you please be of assistance on a small problem i can not seem to solve in cs 6 Photoshop.

    i am trying to choose a custom shape and here is my problem………….. i go to the shape tool and select, then select the shape top of screen on the left. go to shape picker and drag selected shape out. up to here evey thing works, untill i try to send it over to illustrator…………. i copy the the shape go to illustrator and it will not paste over either using short cut keys or selection ctrl v

    i have tried every thing can you help i am copying from cs6 photoshop to cs5 illustrator.


    much thanks

  • Prakash says:

    Very clean explain thanks for this tutorials.