InDesign CS and CS2 script reduces size of linked images

LinkOptimizerLinkOptimizer is an InDesign script that processes any “standard” photos down to a set resolution. Standard is defined as nonrotated images (rotated containers are okay), repeated images, nonrectangular object shapes, and bitmap-mode images (other restrictions are covered in the manual). The script uses Photoshop CS or CS2 to resample images with a higher effective resolution to the user-defined target resolution.

For printing directly from native InDesign files, this utility is extremely useful; in fact, it should be required. You only need to send the service bureau the exact amount of resolution necessary. This can greatly reduce the size of the packaged files and increase the quality of the output (too much resolution can soften photos). The manual states that it can save time processing a PDF (which is true) by not having to resample while the PDF is being made; however, the hit in time has to be taken at one point or the other. I’m not convinced the utility is necessary for PDF output, but it would be useful if you want to run Unsharp Mask on the images at the final resolution before making a PDF, or if you’re continually creating PDF proofs.

As a safety precaution, copies of the files can be created before the images are resampled. This is a good idea, but it also indicates that the script may not be useful as an archive utility. Why not archive the job as-is rather than creating two folders of images? When making copies, it renames the original images to a user-defined setting but I’d prefer it rename the resampled copies, leaving the originals untouched.

Finally, color management settings when opening files and file saving options need to be dealt with, so it may not be the type of script you can run while at lunch.—David Creamer

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HOT Reduces placed image size/resolution
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