Let's Zoom In for Our Close-Up

In ordinary layout programs, you can view your page at up to 800% of actual size. In rare instances, this is just not close enough. That’s why in InDesign you can Zoom in a lot closer – five times closer than what other page layouts consider to be close up. So if you want to check and see if that’s a sliver of white between the edge of your image and the stroke of its Frame, zoom in for an extreme close-up. At 4000%, that .25 pt. sliver will be as easy to see as an 8 point gap.

The fastest way to zoom in for the ultimate close-up is to select the object you want to view and in the View Percentage area in the lower-left corner of your document, click on the arrow and select your percentage. You’ll snap zoom to an extreme close-up with your selected object (or type selection) right in the center.

Tip provided by Jeff Witchel, Certified Adobe Training Provider.