Selective focus SLR camera lenses

lensbaby3gEvolving from Lensbaby 2, the Lensbaby 3G is a visually stunning, impressive mechanical redesign that allows more precise image control. Its 50mm coated lens looks like a bizarre orthopedic device and mounts in place of your standard lens on digital SLRs. It lets you selectively focus part of your scene while the rest of the image is a blur. Bending, extending, or compressing the Lensbaby’s bellows determines the area of sharpness (or “sweet spot”). The shortcoming of the Lensbaby 2 was that it required you to freeze Lensbaby‘s flexible bellows’ position manually while simultaneously pressing the shutter release. With the 3G, you now compose your image and lock the bellows’ position by pressing a button on the focusing collar. Your hands are free to fine-tune the image by rotating the barrel focusing ring, which moves the plane of focus, or by manually adjusting three metal focusing post screws that move the sweet spot. Squeezing two release pins unlocks the lens barrel, freeing it for the next composition. It works beautifully.

The version 2 screw-on lens cap has been replaced with a quicker squeeze-and-release cap. It ships with a set of eight manually exchangeable aperture rings (f/2–f/22) that are held in place by tiny magnets. The individual aperture rings are unmarked; however, I understand that future versions will stamp the f-stop value on the rings. The Lensbaby accessories include screw-on macrofilters and telephoto and wide-angle lenses.

Aesthetically, Lensbaby 3G breaks our preoccupation with image sharpness and allows us to examine a world of controlled blur, whether you use it for traditional soft-focus portraiture or to explore ethereal landscapes and dreamlike imagery.— Steve Baczewski

PRICE: $270
FROM: Lensbabies, LLC
PHONE: 877-536-7222

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