Preflight solution for images and vector graphic files

graphicinspectorGraphic Inspector provides such an obviously useful function that I’m surprised no one else thought of it before: to display every bit of useful information about vector or raster graphic files and flag the ones that match rules you define.

To tell Graphic Inspector which folders to inspect, you can drag them onto its icon, drag them into its window, or select them using its clever built-in file navigator. You can add multiple folders from multiple locations and optionally include subfolders. The Inspector window then displays detailed attributes of graphic files, putting a yellow warning triangle next to any file that matches any criteria you define. For example, you could ask it to warn you about images below a certain resolution, with or without particular ICC profiles, in RGB mode, using compression, or that use spot colors or fonts.

For the amount of information displayed, the interface is impressively straightforward—and you can sort by any column header. For any chosen file, you can also view its EXIF data, see its preview, see a list of fonts or spot colors it uses, open it, or reveal it in the Finder. You can also export the Inspector data as a text file for use in other applications.

Because it can scan folders within folders, and it can list every kind of file (not just graphics files), you can also use Graphic Inspector to discover duplicate files on your hard drive: Just scan the whole thing, then it’s easy to sort files by name, reveal them in the Finder, and then Trash them.

With its combination of price, utility, and thoughtful design, Graphic Inspector is a rare gem.— Jay Nelson

PRICE: $24.95
FROM: Zevrix Solutions
FOR: Mac

HOT Unlimited Checkup presets to share
NOT Presets can’t check for EXIF data