Digital white balance filter

expodiscFor most photographers, using the white balance options in our cameras is enough. When you shoot RAW files, you can always fine-tune your white balance in processing. However, there are times when mixed lighting stymies even the best of us. For those situations, using ExpoDisc can help you achieve the correct white balance in camera, saving lots of time in postprocessing.

The ExpoDisc comes in six standard sizes from 58–82mm, as well as a flat version that fits the Lee Filter System and is no bigger than a standard filter, allowing you to carry it in your camera bag at all times. If your lens needs a different filter size, simply purchase a stepping ring and you’re good to go. When faced with difficult white balance situations, simply put your camera in the custom white balance setting, snap on the ExpoDisc, and trip the shutter. Once a custom white balance is set in camera, you can go about photographing your subject without worrying whether or not you’re going to have a big job correcting for a difficult color cast in your images later. This can be a huge timesaver.

Is the ExpoDisc for everyone? I don’t use it for photographing outdoors. When photographing nature, I’m working to create images that capture peoples’ imagination, inspiring them with my vision of the scene before me, and dead-on-accurate color balance is not critical to the end result. But, for those who really do need precise color representation, such as catalog shooters, or anyone who photographs in mixed lighting situations (indoors or out), the ExpoDisc takes the guesswork out of the equation. ExpoDisc also comes in a warm version for enhancing rich, warm skin tones.— Laurie Excell

PRICE: $79.95-199.95 depending on size
FROM: ExpoImaging, Inc.
PHONE: 800-446-5086

HOT Great for mixed lighting
NOT Not necessary for most natural lighting situations