Kanguru QuickSilver High-Speed SATA/USB 2 Hard Drive

Combo external hard drive offers great value

Kanguru QuickSilverAfter testing quite a few external hard drives, the question is, “What’s the difference between them?” After all, most are just interesting (sometimes) housings around Hitachi, Western Digital, or other similar drive mechanisms. In this case, vive la différence as Kanguru has taken the external drive one better with the QuickSilver High-Speed SATA/USB 2 Hard Drive, which allows for up to 1.5-GB transfers, according to the company’s documentation.

With capacity options ranging from 80 GB (as tested) up to 500 GB (that I wish I’d tested), the QuickSilver drive’s 7200 rpm plug-and-play performance will serve most photographers, designers, and larger file-generating end users quite well. With good performance, good looks, great packaging, and all of the accessories in one box, you get a lot of value for the dollar with this drive series.

In addition to all of this performance, the QuickSilver drive’s look is a stunning design in a world filled with the brushed aluminum housings seen on most drives. A high-gloss black, arch-topped housing also features the Kanguru blue LED logo that, although a bit silly looking when positioned in the vertical stance, offers a clean appearance for those who might prefer something a little less industrial looking in the workplace. Further, Kanguru provides a simple vinyl soft case, cabling, and software to complete the package—something several other vendors may not always provide.—Daniel M. East

PRICE $139.95 (80 GB model)
FROM Kanguru Solutions
PHONE 888-526-4878
FOR Mac and Windows

HOT Great performance; accessories included