Installing an Image Slideshow in WordPress

If you’re using wordpress to power your blog and you are a photographer, more often than not, you are making compromises on what pictures to put on your post. You don’t want to overrun the space on the browser with images and have the user sift for the content, but you want to post more than just 1. Lightroom 2 has got great flash galleries built right in. Photoshop CS4 has recently received those same galleries via a script plugin from Jeff Tranberry and Airtight Interactive.

I love those galleries because they are Headless: They dont contain any header or footer information to them. Why would they need it? I already have a header and footer in my -own- website!

This tutorial uses the Shadowbox JS plugin for WordPress and gives you a simple workflow to include those flash galleries into a WordPress post. When you’re done, a link or an image can trigger the Shadowbox, and the flash content can appear there.