Inspire Me Monday with Lindsay Adler

“When I produce images, very few are subtle. If I am creating it, I want it to scream for attention! I want there to be drama. I want you to feel when you look at that image, so you HAVE to stop and look.” — Lindsay Adler

(Interview with Mia where that quote originated)

This week we had our own social media dutchess Ajna Adams sit down with Lindsay and get some inspiration.

Recently, what has inspired you most?
This month I have been working on photographing the human form, in all its form. This has ranged from photographing dancers, to fine art nudes, to body paint, to ‘plus size’ models. I’ve really been inspired by the body, and how the body can be our canvas and an eternal source of inspiration. I’ve created everything from abstract studies of human form, to classically inspired images, to modern fashion influenced imagery. This month is all about the body!

Do you have any current projects that pluck your “heartstrings” to the max?
Currently I’m working on a series called “Body Beautiful”. I’m exploring photographing the human form. There are so many body issues out there and it seems as if the word ‘body’ has been manipulated in so many ways. People feel so constrained and confined by ‘body’ and I seek to help people appreciate the beauty of the human form as a canvas and as a gift!

Who has most inspired you most during this month of Love?
I’ve really been inspired by women in the ‘plus size’ modeling industry to push the message of loving yourself and loving your body. I’ve photographed several women who did not fit the typical definition of size of a model, yet they were gorgeous, strong, and confident. Loving yourself is a great challenge in life, and when you love yourself you can give more love to others, and in all ways lead a more fulfilling life.

Is there anyone, particularly within the photography industry that stands out more than other this month?
Brooke Shaden has caught my attention this month because of what she is doing for other women. Though she is a friend of mine, I was struck and excited for her to officially establish “The Light Space”, a place in India to help victims of sex-trafficking to heal through photography. It is a pretty incredible cause led by a pretty incredible woman.

Do you have anything recent that you would like to share with us that goes along with your inspiration?
Below is a photograph of a woman who is size 14 (standard model size is 0/2). I shot this last week as part of my body beautiful series. She looks powerful, strong, and in command. Her size isn’t an issue for her beauty!

We hope you’ve gained some inspiration for your week, if you wish to learn more about Lindsay check out her KelbyOne profile, facebook, twitter, instagram, and website.