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Input and Export from Premiere Pro CS5

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There is some new functionality in Premiere CS5 when it comes to inputting and outputting your clips.


  • Genz says:

    What if I want to export my video that has nonstandard dimensions and I don’t want to export it with blak bars.
    But I do want to change other settings?

    I tried changing the dimmension setting (in Media Encoder, CS5) but the output was actually several times smaller and of poor quality

  • Betsy says:

    I do not know how to make choices in order to do effective encoding. Where can I find a whole set of information about encoding choices – all of them — and how to apply the right options for Youtube, for making a DVD, for SD, for HDV and so on. The organization of all these lessons drives me nuts because I get one little tidbit and then, nada.