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Illustrator CS5: Perspective Tool

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Illustrator CS5’s new perspective grid helps designers maintain the correct dimensions of their illustration.


  • toyour aljinan says:

    I would like to thank you for this great improvements and activities in this website
    Please let me know everything about these programs
    I believe that I would be able to be a proffessional graphic designer if I continue practicing on these lessons that is located in your website
    thank you
    toyour aljinan

  • Rob Hutchings says:

    Great tutorial!

    Do the Align & Distribute functions work in perspective? or would you need to adjust your workflow to create the shapes in a non perspective environment first then align a grouped object to a given plane?

  • Ching says:

    I am a Digital Artist and I’ve tried to follow ur tutorial and this will be helpful in creating bldg perspective.
    Thanks for this awesome tuts.

  • teladoy says:

    if this was working I may have some info .
    but is not

  • vijay ramaswamy says:

    really amazing!!