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Wedding Album: Illustrator and Photoshop Warping

Get the most out of these two applications. Use Adobe Illustrator to create a path and warp an image to fit inside of it. Then export the file to Adobe Photoshop and add some highlight and shadow with the brush tool.


  • Michael says:

    I love the tip “Make with Top Object”. Another quality tutorial, thanks Matt!

  • Boris says:

    Awesome !

  • Guillermo Sevilla says:

    me encanta…………

  • Dean Carter says:

    Fresh dude, i appreciate you guys so much

  • King says:

    where can i find the book/album image?

  • Renee says:

    Thanks so much! I’d like to know, too, where to get the book image!

  • Gel Smith says:

    You guys are great!!

  • Matt Lindley says:

    Great Tut! Saw it on the show – thanks for posting it here. One note, however. I found that it is *far* easier to add the shading to the page by adding a layer style for gradient overlay and setting the blend mode to linear burn (might be different for different images). You have to tweak the angle a bit, but it works as well, and I don’t have to worry about my inability to match the angle by hand. Additionally, with the gradient style, there is no need for a layer mask & the gradient remains completely editable, in case a change needs to be made later on.

    King: you can find very similar images at

  • Vanderhellen says:

    I’ve got an error 🙁

  • chandru says:

    realy nice work! i am learning a lot from you! thanx dear.

  • Gary Spedding says:

    I posted on the Forum but someone directed me back here. Some photos appear upside down when I apply the envelope distort. Others don’t. It seems to be very high resolution pictures that do this nonsence. Have you ever seen this issue of images flipping when enveloping? Any thoughts or suggestions? I draw the path out the way you suggested but think it should not matter how the path is drawn as long as it is closed.


  • Amit says:

    Very nice tutorial Matt. Thanks.

  • Pearl says:

    Every time I attempt this, I get an error message telling me “The selection contains objects which cannot be distorted.” I have one path and one .jpg image selected. Any suggestions?

  • Matt K says:

    Hi everyone, First off, thanks for the kind words.

    1) Here’s a link to the istock photo I used in the tutorial:

    2) Gary – I’m not quite sure. Maybe try making sure that both images are close to the

    same size and if not resize them. Also, as you mentioned, make sure you close the path.

    Thanks, Matt K

  • Unit B says:

    Extremely useful tip, as it will apply to product packaging demos and the like. Thanks.

  • DiggityDaw says:

    really useful tip. I just used it and came out really impressive.

    Thanks a alot!

  • erics says:

    Im getting the same results as Amit.
    I get the”The selection contains objects which cannot be distorted” warning?
    Any tips on this please?

  • chuchay says:

    Thanks, I want to try it myself….where can i find the book/album image?

  • caz says:

    What a fabulous tip! Thank you!

  • Lars1967 says:

    I was getting the same error message and found that if you embed the image before applying the envelope distort, it works just fine. The only caveat to this is that your file size will increase.

  • Razvan says:

    Great tut!

  • Immee says:

    Love to do warping the image into the book but I keep getting this error message “the objects selected cannot be distorted” What’s wrong? can someone enlightened me?

  • Immee says:

    I’m a neophite to photoshop. Why is my brush not going straight down when i hold shift and click it won’t go straight down but towards the left? HElp!

  • Hugo says:

    Very useful tutorial, this method really save time wraping in illustrator rather than photoshop

  • Wendy Hazelgrave says:

    Fantastic……as usual where can i buy this book….I need to learn Illustrator. Cheers Wendy

  • Michael Roussetos says:

    I also got an error…and my path was on TOP of the image layer

    “The selection contains object which cannot be distorted”

    I tried saving the image i want to distort as a Tiff, eps, jpeg, and same error message…help!

  • Feri Nicdao says:

    Very nice!! really really help!! i love it!!

    Feri Nicdao

  • Traniee says:

    GREAT JOB REALY! thanks

  • bubunyo says:

    icant help but clap for you thanks your audio is very bad check it next time

  • bahiia says:

    “The selection contains object which cannot be distorted”

    embed your picture …. then it will be fine !

    thanks for your tutorial !
    just suscribed to the magazine !!!

  • Tom says:

    where’d you get the picture

  • confused says:

    I traced a plain aluminum can to make my mask. I created my own label in PS. I imported all my images to illustrator and correctly placed the mask above my label shape. I made the Distort with top object, but my label did not distort properly, but rather skewed and pinched in. Help? 🙁

  • confused says:

    Oh, and by the way. If most of you are trying to distort an image you imported into Illustrator and it gives you the error:“The selection contains object which cannot be distorted”–that means your image is probably not embedded into the file. Select the image and click Embed button above on the image menu options.

  • confused says:

    I solved my own problem….I was trying to create a can label. I used a traced mask I drew out with the pen tool of the can. The more points you use with the pen tool, the more chances are that your image will be distorted awkwardly. If you are going to make a mask with the “Distort with top object feature”, use the least amount of points possible to avoid a bad distort.


  • Todd says:

    “The selection contains object which cannot be distorted”

    How can i embed The picture ?

  • colin1942 says:

    I have the path above the image On command envelope_distort>make_with path on top I get this dialog :This requires a selection of multiple object …
    What am i doing wrong?
    The image is embedded – I have PC Vista and illust. CS4 Thx Matt for the tut I am missing the finer detail -newbie

  • I'm Flawless says:

    Thanks, I want to try it myself….where can i find the book/album image that was in this tutorial?

  • I'm Flawless says:

    Thanks, I want to try it myself….where can i find the book/album image that was in this tutorial?

  • Dave says:

    Yeah, but how great of quality are these really??? I mean is it the same as going to or another reputable company? Is it even close..?

  • manny macam says:

    hi! i’m new to Ai but with your wonderful tutz, i learn much!! god bless and many thanks!

  • lesa campbell says:

    i stilll need to know how to mak my albums into books!

  • Thanks so much, that was an awesome tutorial