HOW Design Conference Coming to Atlanta this June

The HOW Design Conference is heading to Atlanta June 10-13. The Conference, presented by HOW magazine, is your chance to learn new design skills, meet new people, hear new perspectives and‹best of all‹get out of the office and see new things.

The program covers the creativity, business and technology of graphic design, and you can customize your schedule to suit your needs. If it¹s a creative jolt you¹re after, choose sessions on storytelling in design and avoiding burnout, or explore Steff Geissbuhler¹s logo design process. If you need to enhance your tech prowess, join Adobe¹s Russell Brown for a tips-and-techniques extravaganza featuring the all-new CS3, pick up some advice on color management, or learn how to add audio, video and Flash to your PDFs. Find out more about the program at

For even more in-depth information, take advantage of the Conference’s 11 three-hour pre-Conference workshops. Topics include the integration of Flash with Photoshop and Illustrator, a detailed exploration of InDesign, experimenting with digital photography and more. Get workshop details at

In addition to the wealth of sessions and workshops, the Conference features many other events to help you break the ice, meet new people and make new contacts. After all, you’re going to spend four days with 3,000+ designers. This is the perfect opportunity to network, network, network.

If you’re flying solo, take advantage of the Networking Lunch, where the HOW editors will lead you through informal activities designed to help you make the most of the Conference. Then head to the Networking Kickoff and meet most of your fellow attendees before the opening keynote.

And last but not least, strike up a conversation with a stranger. It’s easier said than done, but you’ll have plenty of opportunities at receptions, between sessions and in the Resource Center and the benefits of these new contacts could be invaluable. You never know who you’re going to meet or what you’re going to learn, but it could only have a positive effect on your life and your work.

The HOW Design Conference is only a few short weeks away, though, and some sessions are already starting to fill up. For complete details‹including a fast and easy registration form‹go to today!