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Getting Creative with Photoshop’s Mixer Brush

The mixer brush is a powerful tool in Photoshop. By smearing colors, you can take a regular photo and create an image with a dreamy, magic feel to it. Pete runs through the mixer brush tool options and shows users how to add an artistic finish to their images.


  • Butch says:

    I’m not a pro by any means. You had me in the beginning of the demo and I can see the usefulness of this but, you lost me when you turned a good clean photo into more of a painting/drawing. Not sure if it this would have worked as well or better but I would use ad aware to remove the chimney. I did learn about this tool so thank you.

  • Martin says:

    Good tutorial! Like you said, it’s a good way to get used to the tool. Just play around! That’s always good. I might use it to blur out some nasty spots in a car I’m painting in Photoshop for a friend. Thanks!

  • Jode says:

    excuse me sir, but I love your voice

  • Elvis Cole says:

    Started off as a nice tool, but man you destroyed that photo. Why would anyone want to do that. I learn something from this, so thanks for that.

  • Sue says: