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Flaming Chrome Text in After Effects

In this tutorial J Schuh creates some flaming chrome text in After Effects using the glow and liquefy effects.

Click here to download a PSD of the chrome Layers logo used in this tutorial.


  • George Thrush says:

    Very big help.
    Thanks very much!
    Hope you’ve made more!

  • J. Schuh says:

    Thanks George! I have some more coming down the pipe.

  • Thomas says:

    That was a very nice tutorial! I wonder if you could recomend a beginner book on After Effects?
    Thanks..have a great day!

  • brum says:

    Why your flash players dont have a FULL SCREEN button??

  • karim says:

    this is amaizing!!! wow!

  • Cypher says:

    wow incredible..
    love it..
    it was easy to follow and create..this was the first time i ever used AE..and now im hooked!

  • Chris Armstrong says:

    Fantastic tutorial, some great ideas there….

    Thanks a lot!

  • Ethan says:

    Great Tutorial J.

    Any clue on when your tutorial with the sun will be posted?

  • azdark says:

    cool tutorial!

    is it possible to make logos in after effects spining around in a global animation stlye(earth rotating clockwise)way??does after effects have any 3d for use?


  • Aamir raza says:

    I did everything but I got stuck at the end =(

    I don’t see the dots in the timeline?? The ones you copied and pasted, I don’t see them =O

    All I see are 5 cursors pointers one under the other…Help please!

  • Aamir raza says:

    Nevermind I did something wrong…practice makes perfect =D

    This was my first ever tutorial..THANKYOU SO MUCH! I learned a lot from that…


  • sant says:

    very nice and easy effect thanks to u very much

  • Marc says:

    Hey J…

    I’ve been scouring the net trying to find a way to simply add a chrome effect to regular lines created in photoshop. All I can find though is how to do it to text… not to segments made using the “line tool” – can u please help? OR.. do you know of a site that might have what im looking for? Any help is greatly appreciated.

  • Bob says:

    wo ty dude now my intros will look 100000x better!

  • Andi says:

    i’m too stupid for thiss..