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Fitting Pictures in InDesign

Jeff Witchel reviews fitting options for graphic frames in InDesign.


  • Reuben Goh says:

    Great Tutorial!

    But, one question, won’t the effective PPI be more than, say, 300 – given that the pictures were 300 ppi and needed to be printed in 300 ppi?

    Unless, we export the pictures to size of the frame? I’m guessing that the only solution?

  • Jeff Witchel says:

    Hi Reuben,

    It could be more than 300 ppi, or less, depending on the size and resolution of the original as well as the size of the Frame it’s fitting.

    So it’s something that you’ll always have to check after placing the images.



  • SARA says:

    very very very nice !!!!

  • Eugene says:

    Not sure why you didn’t use the feature to make a grid when you are placing the images?

  • alets says:

    Awesome tutorial, helped me a lot!, greetings from mexico.