Small Flash Tutorial: Working with High Shutter Speed and Flash

Step Two

© 2012 Erik ValindNow that we have our shot framed and our flash set, let’s take a test shot (above). Well, the light is hitting the golf ball no doubt, but it’s hitting the ground around it as well. This lack of control on our flash can be seen as sloppy or, worse, downright distracting. Our eyes are drawn to the brightest thing in an image and we want that to be the golf ball, not the ground around it. So, let’s corral that light a little.

Fortunately, I keep a Rogue FlashBender kit with me, which includes a grid and a snoot. After zooming in the head of my flash and attaching the 45° Rogue Grid, I had a narrow beam of light aimed right where I wanted it, and nowhere else. You’ll notice how it has a much more subtle direct effect on the ball, without the light spill (right).

© 2012 Erik Valind


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