OmniFocus 2 Getting Things Done

OmniFocus 2 is a next-generation, gorgeously designed GTD (Getting Things Done) app for Mac OS X. Install it on both your Mac and iPhone, and you can manage anything from single photo shoots to all the tasks that you need to finish (sequentially or parallel) when you're working on a fashion project or product catalog.

OmniFocus 2 works its magic using the OS X SQLite database and an extremely efficient, effective, well-designed interface. Tasks are shown on a need-to-know basis. For example, as long as you're still searching for locations, you don't need to be reminded to book a plane ticket. In such a sequential project, OmniFocus 2 will only show you the former and hide the latter task from sight.

Statuses are always shown using only a circle that can take on multiple properties. For example, I flagged a task, giving it a due date two days ahead. The top half of the circle was colored orange (flag), and the bottom half looked amber until the due date passed, when it turned bright red.

At the core of OmiFocus 2 are Perspectives, which include Inbox, Projects, Contexts, Forecast, Flagged, Review, Changed, and Completed. With the Pro version of the app, you can expand this list of Perspectives. OmniFocus Pro also allows you to focus on one project only, which is great if you need to work on that one project for some time, and can't afford distraction from other tasks.

OmniFocus 2 synchronizes your local database with the Omni Sync Server, but the app also supports WebDAV. Entering tasks is easy, too: a shortcut key launches an entry window, but via synchronization with Omni Sync Server, you can also email your tasks to the OmniFocus Inbox.

Company: The Omni Group
Price: $39.99 (Pro: $79.99)
Rating: 5
Hot: Interface efficiency; design; just the right features