Small Flash Tutorial: Working with High Shutter Speed and Flash

Step Four

fast shutter speed tutorial with flash

As with photography in general, the right gear and perfect settings only get you so far. The rest comes down to timing and a good bit of luck. (Of course you could play around with the new Photoshop CS6 Content-Aware Move tool for optimum golf ball placement in post, but that would be a different article.)

Anyway, just before we ran out of golf balls, I switched it up a little and put on a 20mm lens to grab one wide shot of the overall swing. It’s incredible just how fast that golf club gets moving, as you can still see a trace of blur in the end of the club and in the ball, even at the fastest shutter speed our camera has to offer.

In the end, we pushed our small flash to the limits and came away with some fun and different-looking shots. Only after pushing our gear and ourselves to the extreme, do we truly know where those limits lie. Now get out and keep pushing!


Once you have your shot, here’s another free tutorial from Scott Kelby on how to adjust your Clarity and Vibrance in Camera Raw.


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