Produced by KelbyOne

Fake a Photo Matte

Pete shows viewers how to create a quick photo matte to use around their images before framing them.


  • Joe says:

    Good job on the layer effects, but I don’t like the mat you made. It is proportional to the original image size, but not the same size matting all the way around. A better way to do this would be to simply put it on a new layer, then go to Canvas Size and increase the size of it the same amount. Want a 2″ border? Add 4″ to both the width and height. If you don’t click on any pf the arrows it will leave your layer in the center.

  • Frank says:

    Pete if I place this back into lightroom and print from there .Will it print in any size and not loose any of the framing and text????


  • Bob says:

    I get to the point where I draw outwith the crop tool using Alt and Shift but when I hit enter the extra area is transparent not white. My foreground is black and background is whiye. What went wrong?