Extensis Ships Font Management Plug-ins for Adobe CS3

PORTLAND, Ore. – Extensis, a brand of Celartem, Inc., today released free plug-ins for Suitcase Fusion and a free update for Suitcase for Windows to provide the world’s most advanced font activation and deactivation for Adobe® Creative Suite® 3 documents. Extensis is the first font management provider to release plug-ins that have been designed for and tested on Adobe Creative Suite 3 Design Premium and Standard editions and Web Premium and Standard editions software. The Suitcase Fusion plug-in ensures that any time users open an Adobe Illustrator® CS3 project; the exact fonts are automatically and accurately activated or deactivated. The Suitcase for Windows product update works with both Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign® CS3 applications.

“Font Management is a critical need for creative professionals using Adobe Illustrator CS3 and Adobe InDesign CS3,” said Will Eisley, director of product management, Illustration and Layout Products at Adobe. “We applaud Extensis for being the first to bring this benefit to both our customers through font management plug-ins for Creative Suite 3 that enables consistent and predictable font auto-activation.”

Suitcase Fusion™ and Suitcase™ for Windows auto-activation plug-ins utilize Extensis’ patented Font Sense™ auto-activation, allowing users to work fluently with fonts in CS applications and eliminate potential font problems before workflow disruption can occur. Font Sense technology provides a robust and industry-proven mechanism to identify and match exact versions of fonts. Extensis uses this cross-platform technology in its own font management applications to ensure that an application can activate the exact version of a font. Font Sense is available in Suitcase Fusion, Suitcase for Windows and Font Reserve Server and allows for true font identification in Illustrator, InDesign and QuarkXPress documents.

“The Suitcase Fusion plug-in and Suitcase for Windows update have been designed for and tested on Creative Suite 3, providing the most reliable font management auto-activation available,” said Davin Kluttz, Extensis Product Manager. “Extensis will continue to deliver additional CS3 plug-ins to our users as soon as they are completed- and free of charge- so that they can continue working in Creative Suite 3 without interruption.”

The free plug-in and update are available now for download from the Extensis website and support the Suitcase Fusion and Suitcase for Windows products. The new plug-in and update requires Adobe Illustrator CS3 and InDesign CS3 software.

Suitcase Fusion Plug-in:
Suitcase for Windows Update:

Currently, the plug-in and update are English language only. Extensis will release French, German and Japanese downloads soon after Adobe Creative Suite 3 is available in these languages. Extensis will be releasing additional free plug-ins for other products in its font management family for both Illustrator CS3 and InDesign CS3 software in the near future.

About Extensis

Extensis is a software developer that allows creative workgroups and professionals to streamline their workflow and secure their brand by efficiently and effectively managing their creative assets and fonts. Extensis’ award-winning client/server and desktop products are used by hundreds of Fortune 5000 companies and include Suitcase, Suitcase Fusion, and Font Reserve for font management and Portfolio for creative assets management. Extensis was founded in 1993 and is based in Portland, Oregon, and the United Kingdom. Extensis is a division of Celartem Inc., which is wholly owned by Celartem Technology Inc., (Hercules: 4330). For additional information, visit or call 1-800-796-9798.

About Celartem

Celartem Technology Inc. develops and sells innovative technologies for storage, access and distribution of rich media content. Celartem has developed technology in the areas of digital image compression, scalable image viewing and secure content distribution and management. Celartem is listed on the Osaka Securities Exchange, Hercules:4330. Established in 1996, Celartem is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan and has a wholly owned subsidiary, Celartem Inc. with headquarters in Seattle.