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Edge Animate: Adding a Background Video

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For those web designers who are a bit ‘codephobic’, this four-part video series will teach some easy ways to bring your projects to life. Edge Animate offers some simple ways to add interactivity and animation to your design. In this video, Tom Green shows how to add the Edge Hero javascript library to your project and call a background video.


  • Bojan says:

    Thanks for sharing with us Edge Animate tips and tricks. I found your tutorials extremely useful and looking forward for more. If you can please upload videos on YouTube for example, I always have problem to watch videos or tell me some other ways to watch. I tried with FF, Chrome, Opera and always same problem with pauses and delays.

  • Dinant says:

    Hi, thanx for sharing. Very helpfull! I was wondering whether it’s possible to put a layer over the video. I tried it, but EA puts all the layers underneath the video.

    Thank you for answering.