HP Introduces New ZBook Mobile Workstations, Z Displays, and Enhanced Z Workstations

Today, HP made several announcements regarding their Z line of Desktop and Mobile Workstations and Displays. Last week, I had the opportunity to view these new products in NYC. Jim Zafarana—vice president and general manager, Commercial Solutions Business Unit, HP—revealed the new products in front of a crowd of journalists and industry professionals. He started off with the new ZBook Mobile Workstations, which includes the ZBook 14, the first-ever workstation Ultrabook, and the ZBook 15 and 17.

The ZBooks will feature 4th Generation Intel Haswell dual- and quad-core processor options and next-generation graphics technologies from NVIDIA and AMD, including the newly announced Keplar-based professional graphics from NVIDIA. One of the biggest announcements is that all of the Z Desktop and Mobile Workstations will offer Intel's Thunderbolt technology for high-speed data transfer (excluding the ZBook 14). Combine this with up to 24 processing cores in the Z820 or Z620 Desktop Workstations using the latest Intel Xeon E5-1600v2 and E5-2600v2 families of processors, and you'll be moving and manipulating data faster than you ever dreamed. And speaking of dreaming, the ZBook 15 and 17 will have available the optional DreamColor Display panel for accurate and consistent color.

I asked Jeff Wood, worldwide product marketing manager for personal workstations in the Workstation Global Business at HP, how tough the new ZBooks were, and he immediately closed one of the units and stood on top of it. (I would never do that with my MacBook.) He said that not only can they handle extreme temperatures, but they can also handle rapid changes in temperatures, as well. So if you need an ultrafast, ultrarugged, and color accurate mobile workstation I would encourage you to check out these new ZBooks. I know I can't wait to get my hands on one of them.

To learn more regarding all of HP's announcements, click here for the press release.